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The Scottish Curling Trust was set up to encourage and actively promote public participation in curling; to preserve, conserve, interpret and display the arts, heritage and culture of the sport of curling; and to make provision for disabled people and those who are impaired or have special needs to introduce them to and assist them in their enjoyment of curling.

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Leave a gift to the Scottish Curling Trust to help future generations to access and enjoy the sport of curling. Leaving a gift to the Scottish Curling Trust will make a huge difference to the work that we do.

Over the last few years the Scottish Curling Trust have partially funded a development officer in partnership with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club with a disability remit. The aim of this position is to help increase the number of people with disabilities participating in curling, improve access to physical activity and promote social interaction and inclusion. Marked progress has been made in increasing the number of disability clubs and numbers, opportunities for social and competitive events and developing pathways and structures for disabled people to participate and succeed in the sport.

Scottish Curling

The national governing body for curling in Scotland.

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Try Curling

A Scottish Curling initiative to get new people to try curling.

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