The Scottish Curling Trust is a charity registered in Scotland SC038043.

It is a company limited by guarantee (SC312146) with the purposes laid down in its Memorandum and Articles namely:

(a)           the advancement of public participation in sport;

(b)           the advancement of education;

(c)           the advancement of the arts, heritage and/or culture;

(d)           the provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational facilities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the public generally; and

(e)           the relief of those in need by reason of disability or other disadvantage.

Management and Governance

The Directors, who are directors for the purpose of company law and trustees for the purpose of charity law are set out on page 1. The composition of the Board of Trustees is as follows:

(a)           The Chairman and Chief Executive ex officiis of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (“RCCC”), incorporated under the Companies Acts under Company Number SC232571 and having its Registered Office at Ochil House, Springkerse, Stirling, FK7 7XE, or its successors; and

(b)           up to three individual persons appointed as Trustees by the Board of Directors of the RCCC in terms of Articles 23 and 25 and

(c)           up to three individual persons co-opted as Trustees by the Board of the Trust in terms of Articles 24 and 25

The Memorandum and Articles of the Trust are here: Scottish Curling Trust_MA